Trypophobia Test – Fear of Holes Quiz

Here's a self-assessment test that may suggest a possible inclination towards trypophobia (fear of holes).

How do you feel when you see objects with small holes grouped together?

Do you actively avoid looking at images of clustered holes?

Do certain natural objects (e.g., honeycombs, coral, pomegranates) trigger a fear or disgust reaction?

Do you feel anxious or experience a skin-crawling sensation when seeing pores or other tiny holes on human skin?

Have you ever felt distressed or lost focus on daily tasks due to images or objects with small holes?

Do you feel an urge to destroy or cover objects that have clusters of small holes?

Do you experience nightmares or bad dreams about clusters of holes?

Does your fear or disgust of clusters of holes affect your ability to perform normal activities?


This test is not a diagnostic tool and should not be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for professional help. If you're feeling distressed or if your behaviors are interfering with your daily life, please seek help from a professional healthcare provider or counselor.