Free Dyslexia Test – Online Quiz

dyslexia test
dyslexia test
Do you think that you are probably dyslexic? Take the quick Dyslexia Test to evaluate yourself.
Instruction: For each item, choose the answer most relevant to you
While reading I miss lines

I have to reread sentences for better understanding

I would define my reading pace as…

Reading out loud is…

While writing I make spelling errors

My handwriting is…

While writing, I omit words

I would define my writing pace as…

I find writing essays to be…

I make trivial mistakes in speaking

While talking I mix-up similar sounding words

I misspeak names of objects, calling them by the names with associated meanings (like “fork” instead of “spoon”)

I get lost in places that are not very familiar to me

To read a map would be…

This Dyslexia Test is a self-reporting questionnaire suitable for testing both adults and children. Please be advised that the test is designed for only a preliminary evaluation and does not provide a formal diagnosis of Dyslexic disorder. Professional assessment is required in making a definitive diagnosis.

Dyslexic disorder affects up to 10% of people, many of whom remain undiagnosed and get little, if any, help for the condition. It is very important to recognize the problem in order to be able to effectively deal with it. This Dyslexia Test provides you an initial self-assessment, which might be the first step in improving your learning skills and consequently, the quality of your life.