Social Anxiety Disorder Test: Do I Have Social Anxiety Quiz

social anxiety test
social anxiety test
The online Social Anxiety Test can help you determine if you have a social anxiety disorder. It is a brief screening inventory that takes an average of 2 minutes to complete.
Take the Social Anxiety Test: Find Out if You Suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder
Instructions: Please read the statements listed below. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition or indicates the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement.
I’m afraid of doing something embarrassing

I’m anxious because I fear that I will make a mistake in front of others

I have a feeling that others are watching and judging me

The fear of embarrassment holds me from doing the things I want to do

I prefer not talking to others because I feel shy

I feel anxious for several days prior to taking part in the social event that makes me uncomfortable

I feel awkward when I meet strangers or find myself in unfamiliar social circumstances

I have physical symptoms (like feeling sick, vomiting, having stomachache, palpitations, shivering or sweating profusely) when I’m attending (or going to attend) the social event that makes me uncomfortable

My anxiety reaches to the level of panic when I’m attending (or going to attend) the social event that makes me uncomfortable

I use any possible excuses to skip my participation in the social event that makes me uncomfortable

I drink alcohol (or use drugs) to ease my tension and feel more comfortable in the social circumstances that make me feel awkward and shy

My anxiety about certain social circumstances affects my working (or academic) performance

My shyness prevents me from establishing relationships

My social anxiety impairs my life

The online Social Anxiety Test is based on diagnostic criteria of social anxiety disorder. If you are concerned that you may have Social Anxiety Disorder, use this social anxiety test to check your likelihood of having the disorder. The self-test results indicate probability of the diagnosis but do not replace a professional assessment.  If you have already been diagnosed with social phobia, use the scale to monitor your condition.

Use this free test to determine whether you need further examinations or to track your progress . If you undergo treatment for social anxiety, take it once in two weeks to monitor effectiveness of your therapy.