Bipolar Disorder Test – Am I Bipolar? Free Online Quiz

bipolar disorder test
bipolar disorder test
This Bipolar Disorder Test can you help determine whether you have hypomania or mania. It has 8 items and takes 2 minutes on average to complete. According to the online self-test results, you can assess severity of hypomanic or manic symptoms.
Bipolar mania screening scale
Instructions: The questions below refer to how you have felt during the past week. For each question, indicate the answer that the closest your condition.
Do you feel more energetic than usual?

Do you feel happier than you usually used to be?

Have you been more irritable than you used to be?

How would you best describe your sleeping patterns?

Is your mind sharper and quicker than usual?

The Bipolar Test is based on the main diagnostic criteria of Bipolar Disorder manic syndorme. This online test is a screening scale for hippomania or mania. According your test results you can decide if you need to see a mental health professional to further discuss diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder. If you undergo treatment, you can use this free bipolar test weekly to track your condition and assess effectiveness of the treatment.