Am I Lesbian, Bi, or Straight? Take This Test To Find Out

lesbian test
lesbian test

Are you a woman struggling with sexual orientation? Are you confused by a crush on another woman? Do you find yourself asking questions like ‘Am I a lesbian?’ This lesbian test is designed to help you confirm your sexual orientation. 

This 12-part ‘Am I lesbian ?’ quiz is designed to assess female homosexuality and considers emotional and behavioral traits common in women who find other women attractive. If you’re a woman who has struggled to find a definitive answer about her sexual orientation, this test is for you. While the result is accurate, you can further discuss your feelings and issues regarding sexual orientation with a therapist. 

Do you feel a physical response when touched by a female?

How would you respond if a girl flirted with you playfully or attractively?

If someone attractive of the opposite gender showed interest in you, how would you respond?

Do you have fantasies or dreams involving romantic or intimate experiences with a woman?

Do you have thoughts or dreams involving romantic or intimate interactions with a man?

Do you feel you need more certainty about your attraction preferences?

Do you feel a physical attraction toward women?

Have you engaged in self-stimulation while visualizing a scenario involving a woman?

Have you ever fallen in love with a female?

Have you ever fallen in love with a male?

Have you engaged in intimate activities with a female?

Have you engaged in intimate activities with a male?

Defining the Lesbian Identity

While many terms exist for female homosexuality, lesbian is the most common. But what does it mean to be a lesbian? The term refers to women who find other women attractive. However, the term also encompasses non-binary individuals. So a non-binary person can also be a lesbian even if they don’t exclusively identify as female. Many lesbian women also use the terms gay and queer to describe themselves. 

The attraction toward other women can be romantic, emotional, or sexual. It can also be all of the three types. While gender and sexual identities have evolved greatly over time, thanks in part to growing acceptance, some signs are an easy giveaway. Nevertheless, not all of the signs may be present in one person. 

It’s also important to distinguish between signs and stereotypes. There are many assumptions about gay/lesbian women. This lesbian sexuality test doesn’t lean into those societal expectations but rather uses scientific knowledge to determine whether you’re a lesbian or not. 

It’s easy to confuse bisexuality as homosexuality. Many men and women get attracted to both sexes. If that is the case for your sexual identity, this ‘Am I lesbian or bi’ quiz will help you find the answer. 

Keep in mind that your sexual orientation doesn’t have anything to do with your reproductive health. Whether or not you’re a lesbian, your reproductive health will depend on genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. 

How to Take The Lesbian Test

This ‘how to tell if you’re a lesbian’ quiz can only provide accurate results if you answer the questions honestly. It’s not a timed test, so take your time to think about the questions and answer authentically. 

At the same time, take the quiz with an open mind. While it can help you process and understand your feelings and identify your sexuality, taking a test isn’t enough. Exploring one’s sexuality requires education and experimentation. You can also talk with a sex therapist who may also use a similar questionnaire and discuss important aspects of your life such as romantic relationships. 

Many LGBTQ+ individuals live in a constant state of denial because of the social stigma associated with homosexuality. But everyone owes it to themselves to discover the truth about themselves. And if the test result says that you’re a lesbian, you’re not alone. Consider this: over seven percent of Americans identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

If you’re not yet out to your family and friends, take your time. You’ll find your tribe, full of people who support you and accept you for who you are. It may also help to speak to another lesbian and discuss your sexual orientation. 

Take the lesbian test to discover who you really are!