Schizophrenia Test – Free Quiz Online for Early Signs

schizophrenia test
schizophrenia test
The online Schizophrenia Test is designed as a screening tool for helping you to find out if you may have the specific symptoms of schizophrenia or schizophrenic type illnesses like schizoaffective disorder and schizophreniform disorder.
Instructions: Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition in the past month
I hear voices, which are commenting on me and making remarks about what I do

I hear my thoughts spoken aloud

I feel that my thoughts are taken out of my mind

I have a feeling that thoughts in my mind are not mine, but inserted by others

My thoughts are blocked by outside impact

People can hear my thoughts

My feelings are influenced or controlled by external forces

My actions are influenced or controlled by external forces

Others weave plots against me

I have special abilities that no one else possesses

I can predict or see what will happen in the future

I can read other people’s minds

I have a feeling that what happens around me is not real

I can read special meanings in what is happening; the meanings cannot be seen and understood by other people

I’m absorbed by my thoughts and feelings

It’s hard for me distinguish my thoughts and feelings from what is happening around

I’m obsessed with finding the meaning of life

My mind is preoccupied with my antagonistic thoughts and feelings

The Schizophrenia Test is based on the main diagnostic criteria for paranoid schizophrenia.
The items of this free self-test are mainly based on paranoid schizophrenia symptoms, but overlap with other schizophrenic spectrum disorders. Online quizzes are for preliminary evaluation and the final diagnosis has to be made only by a qualified mental health professional.