Bipolar Depression Test – Free Online Quiz

Bipolar Depression Test
Bipolar Depression Test
Take the Bipolar Depression Test below to find out if you suffer from the Depressive Syndrome of Bipolar Disorder.
Instructions: Please follow the instructions below; read the statements and answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition

Have you EVER experienced a period of time when you persistently had an extremely elated mood and an unusual surge of energy?

Have you EVER experienced a period of time when you were irritable most of the day for several days for no obvious reason?

I feel down and sad

I don’t enjoy the things I formerly took take pleasure in

I feel slowed down

I feel that I have no energy

I find it hard to focus on anything

I have troubles falling or staying asleep

I sleep more than usual

I have poor appetite

I eat more than usual

I have feelings of worthlessness

I wish I were dead and feel suicidal

This online self-test is based on typical symptoms of depression with a particular focus on the specific signs like severe melancholia and psychomotor suppression, which occur in a depressive episode of Bipolar Disorder.
As a screening scale, the online Bipolar Depression Test will provide you with preliminary results of you diagnosis, which has to be confirmed by a qualified mental health specialist. After completion of the test your results will show you whether you need further examinations. If you have already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and are currently undergoing treatment of bipolar depression, take this free test once a week to assess your condition and track the effectiveness of the treatment.