Take the suicide risk test to get an accurate assessment of your suicidal tendencies

Evaluate Your Suicide Risk: In-Depth Suicidal Test for Personal Insight

Do you have thoughts of suicide? If so, it's important to get help. Many people don't realize that they are at risk for suicide, but there are certain signs that can indicate someone is suicidal. That's why we've created this suicidal test - to help you evaluate your risk for suicide.

A suicidal ideation test is a psychological assessment tool used to measure the presence and severity of suicidal thoughts. The test typically consists of a series of questions that ask about the individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding suicide.

This suicidal test will give you a better understanding of your tendencies and how likely you are to attempt suicide in the future. So please, take the time to answer these questions honestly. It could save your life.

Answer each item of the test that you believe most accurately describes your condition in the past two weeks   

1. I cannot see any reason to live

2. I am consumed with my feelings of hopelessness

3. I feel that I cannot take the anguish of living this life anymore

4. I have a feeling that everyone would be better off if I was dead

5. I wish I was dead already

6. The idea of killing myself is haunting me

7. I’m planning on how to kill myself