Can You Pass the Psychopath Test? Discover Your True Personality

Am I a psychopath? Take this test to find out your psychopathic tendencies

Are you curious to find out if you have psychopathic tendencies? If so, take this free online psychopathy test to get an idea of whether or not you may be a psychopath or sociopath. Our Psychopath Test is a screening tool designed to check for psychopathic tendencies. It is based on the general psychopath definition and is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. Instead, it is intended to give you an idea of whether you have psychopathic tendencies.

The quiz includes 18 questions that cover narcissism, manipulation, and sadism. It also provides a comprehensive assessment of your personality traits and behaviors. Additionally, there are statements in the test that must be applied to yourself and rated according to the scale provided. Answer each question as honestly as possible. There are no right or wrong answers and no time limit. Just go with your first instinct. After you've answered all the questions, you'll be given your results.

By taking this online psychopath test, you can gain insight into your true self and uncover potential psychopathic tendencies. So don't wait - take the test now and discover who you are!

Instructions:The questions below are designed to help you assess your risk for psychopathy. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition or indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement.

1. I can get very irritated and angry by minor issues

2. I do crazy things to get a thrill

3. To feel I am living life to the fullest, I need danger and adrenaline

4. I regret it when I do something wrong

5. My behavior is driven by impulse