Hypersexuality Test – ADHD Hypersexuality Online Quiz

Hypersexuality Test
Hypersexuality Test

Here is a self-assessment test for potential Hypersexuality:

How frequently do you engage in sexual activities (either with partners or alone)?

Do you often spend more time engaging in sexual activities than you intend to?

Do you feel restless or anxious when you can't engage in sexual activities?

Have your relationships (romantic, family, friends) been negatively impacted due to your sexual behaviors?

Has your productivity or concentration suffered due to your sexual behaviors?

Do you often prioritize sexual activities over other activities or responsibilities?

Have you ever tried to reduce your engagement in sexual activities but failed?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed after engaging in sexual activities?


This test is not a diagnostic tool and should not be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for professional help. If you're feeling distressed or if your sexual behaviors are interfering with your daily life, please seek help from a professional healthcare provider or counselor.