Hemophobia Test – Fear of Blood Quiz

Hemophobia Test
Hemophobia Test

Here is a self-assessment test for hemophobia (fear of blood):

How do you react when you see blood, either yours or someone else's?

How do you feel about medical TV shows or movies that show blood?

What happens if you think about an injury involving blood?

Do you avoid situations or activities where you might see blood (like cooking, sports, etc)?

How would you react if someone talks about a topic involving blood?

Do you experience fear or anxiety when you have to visit a doctor or hospital, due to potential exposure to blood?

How do you feel about pricking your finger for a blood test?

Have you ever avoided learning first aid because it involves handling blood?

DISCLAIMER This test is not a diagnostic tool and is not intended to replace professional diagnosis or treatment. If you feel that your fear of blood is impacting your daily life, please seek help from a licensed mental health professional.