Find Out How Emotionally Intelligent You Are With This Quick Test

Do you know how emotionally intelligent you are? This quiz will give you a quick snapshot of your emotional intelligence and how it impacts your life. The emotional intelligence test is short, but it is packed with valuable information about your emotional well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now!

Instructions: Please, read the statements of the test listed below. Answer each item that you believe most accurately describes you

1. I perform better when I am under pressure

2. In assessment of other people I rely on my gut feelings

3. When I make a mistake, I am able to laugh at myself

4. If I fail to do something, my reaction would be that…

5. I’m good at intuitively reading people’s mind

6. I sense how other people feel

7. I easily get the hint of what people might be implying

8. I feel lost and uncomfortable when I attend unfamiliar social settings

9. I feel moved when I witness someone crying

10. I can control my behavior when I am angry

11. If someone treated me wrong, most likely I would…

12. People enjoy my jokes