Take this Dysthymia Test to check yourself. It’s a brief screening scale, which takes on average 2 minutes to complete. If you feel moody and down in the dumps most of the time, and think that your life is passing you by, you probably have a mental condition called dysthymic disorder.


Dysthymic Disorder Test
Instructions: Please read the statements listed below. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition in the last 2 years

1. I’m gloomy and sullen

2. I have poor appetite

3. I have difficulty falling or staying asleep

4. Despite sleeping a lot at nights, I feel sleepy during the daytime

5. I can easily get fatigued

6. I get the feeling that I’m a worthless person

7. I have difficulties focusing on tasks

8. It’s hard for me to make any decision

9. I feel like nothing will change for the better