It takes only a couple minutes to complete the Dissociative Identity Disorder Test. This online test is designed to check the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which is also known as split or multiple personality disorder (MPD).


Instruction: For each item, choose the answer most relevant to you

1. At times, I am unable to recall some important events of my life

2. Some places which should be familiar to me appear completely unknown and strange to me

3. I am in dialogue with alter ego

4. When I am alone, I talk out loud to myself

5. I behave and feel as two distinctly different people depending on the circumstance

6. While listening to someone talking I realize that I have not heard most or all of what was said

7. I find myself in places where I have no idea what I had been doing and how I got there

8. At times, I can't clearly distinguish my fantasies and dreams from real events

9. I find new things among my belongings which I can't recall getting

10. At times, I cannot recall the things I've done recently

11. I meet people that I don't know who call me by a different name and insist that they know me

12. I get the feeling as though I am watching myself from the outside

13. When I see my reflection in a mirror, I feel like I’m looking at a stranger

14. I have a feeling that the world around me is not real

15. At times, I have a feeling that my body does not belong to me

16. When recalling the things that happened to me in the past, I'm not sure whether they really happened or it was just my imagination