Binge Eating Disorder Test: Screening Quiz

binge eating disorder test
binge eating disorder test
If you suffer from the fits, when you have this irresistible urge to eat huge amount of food, you likely have Binge Eating Disorder. Take this online Binge Eating Test to find out if you are at risk of having the disorder.
Instructions: Please, read the statements listed below and answer each item that you believe accurately describe your condition for the last 3 months.
I have this irresistible urge to eat large amount of food, which I consume very fast without properly chewing it

When I get this urge to eat, I eat to the point of discomfort

I eat a lot even when I’m not very hungry

Due to the shame I feel over the way I eat and my lack of control, I try to eat when there are no people around

I lose control over the amount of food I consume when I’m irritated, angry or nervous

Though I initially feel mentally relieved after eating so much, I soon feel guilty for losing control

I’m worried about gaining weight

Losing weight is something that’s on my mind

It upsets me when I think about the shape of my body

I feel down because I have little or no self-control over my eating habits

The Binge Eating Test is based on the diagnostic criteria of Binge Eating Disorder. The Test can help you to assess the risk of having binge eating disorder. This online self-test is based on the diagnostic criteria of binge eating disorder. You can use it as a screening quiz to decide whether you need to see a mental health professional to further discuss diagnosis and possible treatment of binge eating disorder. If you already diagnosed with the disorder and undergo treatment use this free scale once a week to track you condition and effectiveness of the treatment.