Free Anxiety Disorder Online Test: Quiz For Instant Assessment!

anxiety test
anxiety test
This online Anxiety Test is designed for initial screening of anxiety disorders spectrum. If you are concerned that your daily worries might be an anxiety disorder, take the test as a preliminary self-assessment.

Instructions: Please, read the statements listed below. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition

I feel anxious during the day

I feel keyed up and tense

I feel restless

I have difficulty falling asleep because of anxiety

I have difficulty concentrating because of worry

I fear that something awful might happen

I have a feeling that I might lose control

I get irritated easily

I’m easily startled

I feel weak and get tired easily

If you think that have issues with anxiety, complete this short 10 question free online anxiety quiz to see whether have an anxiety disorder. The anxiety test to rate your general anxiety. The high anxiety level could be part of mental disorders others, including GAD, Panic disorder, Agoraphobia SAD, and others.
Go through each question and answer it according to how you truly feel. If the test results indicate that you have a high level of anxiety take other anxiety tests to find out whether you have a specific anxiety disorder.
Items of the Anxiety Test covers the main symptoms of anxiety disorders. However, this self-reported assessment tool is only for initial evaluation and not designed to make a diagnosis. If your test score indicates that, you have an anxiety disorder, but your further examination, which is conducted by a medical professional, does not reveal any, the test was mistaken in your case and provided a false positive result.