Alexithymia Test – Free Online Quiz

alexithymia test
alexithymia test
Take this online Alexithymia Self-Test to find out whether you have the specific character construct that could be associated with a broad spectrum of mental disorders.
Instructions:  Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition or indicates the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement.
I have mixed and contradictory feelings, which are difficult to distinguish from each other

I’m confused in identifying what my feelings are

I find it hard to associate my body sensations (like palpitations) with emotions I experience

I would be confused, if someone asked me to describe my feelings

It’s challenging for me to sense what other people feel

Meals are more about food consumption than interpersonal interaction to me

Sex is more a physiological necessity than an emotional experience to me

If I have dreams in my sleep, my dreams are about daily life events

I wonder what the future holds for me

I have laid out concrete and certain plans about my future long in advance

My actions are primarily based on rational reasoning

My emotions are an integral part of me working towards attaining my goals

This online alexithymia self-test is based on the specific signs of this personality construct such as difficulty identifying emotions and describing feelings to other people, concrete, predominantly realistic thinking and rational behavior.
Alexithymia is a particular personality feature characterized by one’s difficulty in identifying and describe his or her emotions. This free test takes only a couple of minutes to complete. If your test result indicates that you may have alexithymia, you will need further evaluation to clarify your condition.