Attention Deficit Disorder Test (ADD)

This 9-item ADD Test takes only a couple of minutes to complete. The scale is an online screening tool to help find out whether you have Attention Deficit Disorder test.

Instructions: Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition in the past month

1. I make careless and avoidable mistakes while I’m working on important tasks

2. Even in important matter, it’s difficult for me to keep my attention on one thing for a sufficient length of time

3. Whether I am talking to someone or listening to someone talking to me, I find it hard to follow the thread of a conversation, even if people are talking to me directly

4. While working on important tasks, I’m easily sidetracked by minor things

5. I'm a well-organized person who can complete tasks or plans from start to finish

6. I tend to lose or misplace the necessities (like my phone, wallet, keys, eyeglasses etc.) or things necessary for my tasks and activities (e.g. papers, books, pens, tools etc.)

7. I forget to attend my appointments and/or pay my bills, or become forgetful about doing something I do regularly.

8. I don’t like work, which requires me to focus for a long period of time

9. My focus shifts from one task to another frequently