This agoraphobia test is a brief screening scale to identify a probable instance of this anxiety disorder. This online screening tool proves you with a preliminary assessment of your condition.


Instructions: Please read the statements listed below. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition in the two weeks 

1. I feel uneasy in public places when there are many people around

2. I feel insecure when I leave my home

3. I’m uncomfortable when I’m alone away from home

4. I feel anxious when I find myself in open spaces

5. When I get anxious I find it difficult to control my anxiety

6. I avoid crowded places

7. I avoid places that might be difficult to escape

8. When I go inside any place I first consider the ways to escape and try to stay as near as possible to the exit

9. Because of my fears I avoid using public transportation

10. My avoidance of fearful places and situations causes restrictions on important aspects of my life (such as traveling, participation in social events and participation in work events)